Benefits of Yoga, in Brief:

Yoga is an astonishingly healthy and versatile athletic pursuit that not only calms the mind, but lifts the spirit and tones  and stretches the body. It can be a full body workout, which is great for athletes looking to cross-train their weaknesses and for non-athletes in search of a comprehensive and fun exercise routine. Yoga’s emphasis on flexibility increases muscular strength and improves joint mobility while decreasing the likelihood of injury. Yoga teaches proper breathing, which improves lung capacity, body awareness, and general fitness. Yoga also helps release stress and improve digestion, blood circulation, and sleep!

Benefits of the Private Session:

Customized Practice: Private lessons allow the teacher to tailor a session to the specific needs or goals of his or her student; these can include weight loss, rehabilitation, cross training, area-specific training, general flexibility, and improved breathing. Personalized instruction can also be instrumental in allowing more experienced practitioners to safely expand their practice, or to teach the basics properly to new yogis.

Safety: If practiced incorrectly, Yoga can place unhealthy stress on joints and tendons; this can lead to significant injury, especially when a movement is performed incorrectly multiple times. Injuries are more common in larger classes, where teachers cannot monitor and correct every mistake. Private lessons, however, allow teachers to devote undivided attention to ensuring that their pupil performs every movement safely. This is especially important for students who experience or who have histories of joint or muscular pain.

Learning: Intensive and personalized yoga training rapidly increases the rate and quality of learning. In larger classes, a teacher’s primary goal is to ensure that the majority of his or her students are being accommodated. This often means that pupils on either end of the experience spectrum find themselves outside the range of the lesson. Private or semi private lessons on the other hand can help beginners develop a solid foundation upon which future practice can be built, and help more experienced practitioners further intensify or streamline their practice.

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